Win Cash in the “Pickoff NCAA College Basketball Tournament” Contest

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Playing Pickoff’s NCAA Basketball Tournament is the best way to use your college hoop smarts and upset-picking skills into a cash prize.

And there is a lot of talk that this year’s tournament is going to be Upset City, with maybe the first beatdown by a 16 seed over a 1.

But you’ll have to be sharp!

Pickoff’s game is different than any others you’ll play. For starters, you get to start each round fresh, meaning that any incorrect picks in the prior round won’t stop you from selecting the team that actually won in the next round . And you’ll get increasing Pickoff Cash values for wins in each round. Plus there is always the fast-track way to more Pickoff Cash through a challenge.

This means you will need to make new selections after each round, so make sure you come back after the finish of a game to make your next selection – and to challenge your friends!

Our point structure works like this:

First Round (March 19-20) = 500 in Pickoff Cash
Second Round (March 21-22) = 1,000 in Pickoff Cash
Third Round (March 23-24) = 2,500 in Pickoff Cash
Sweet Sixteen (March 28-29) = 5,000 in Pickoff Cash
Elite Eight (March 30-31) = 7,500 in Pickoff Cash
National Semifinals (April 6) = 10,000 in Pickoff Cash
Championship Game (April 8) = 20,000 in Pickoff Cash

Oh right, the prizes!

The top three players who earn the most Pickoff Cash from selecting game winners and winning Challenges for this NCAA College Basketball Tournament will score some sweet gift cards:

1st place will win a $50 gift card
2d place will take home a $30 gift card
3d place will score a $20 gift card

To be eligible for a prize, you’ll need to have at least 2 Facebook friends playing Pickoff. Be sure to invite a few friends to play.

See full contest terms & conditions.

You’ll be able to make your picks on Sunday evening here.


Pick and Win in the “Pickoff Pro Football Post Season Contest”

Announcing the “Pickoff Pro Football Post Season Contest”!

The top three players who earn the most Pickoff Cash from selecting game winners and winning Challenges for this NFL post season (from Wild Card Weekend through the Super Bowl) will score sweet gift cards:

  • First place will win a $50 gift card
  • Second place will take home a $30 gift card
  • Third place will score a $20 gift card

To be eligible for a prize, you’ll need to have at least 2 Facebook friends playing Pickoff. Be sure to invite a few friends to play. See full contest terms & conditions.

And get this! For the Post Season, correct picks are worth even more:

  • Wild Card Weekend games will earn $1,000 Pickoff Cash for each correct pick
  • Divisional Playoff games will earn $5,000 Pickoff Cash for each correct pick
  • Conference Championships will earn $10,000 Pickoff Cash for each correct pick
  • The Super Bowl will earn $20,000 Pickoff Cash for a correct pick!

Wild Card Weekend games are now listed on Pickoff. Make your picks now!

Photo credit: Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, via Wikimedia Commons

Pickoff College Bowl Challenge – Play, Pick, Prize!

When is the perfect time for the Pickoff College Bowl Challenge?

Courtesy of Nikonmadness from the English Wikipedia

Right now, of course.

All the bowl games are right here, with the first games on Saturday, December 15.

The player who wins the most Pickoff Cash from challenges and selecting game winners will win a $50 Amazon gift card.

The bowl games start Saturday, and you’ll want to make picks for every game.

You’ll also want to challenge your Facebook friends to win the most Pickoff Cash possible.

You’ll also need to have at least two Facebook friends playing Pickoff – we want to share the fun, after all!

Good luck, players!

See full contest rules here



Development Update #009 – New Features

Featured game matchups now earn more Pickoff Cash for a correct pick. (Previously, correct picks for all games earned a standard $500 Pickoff Cash amount.)

You’ll see the first use of this new feature in the Pickoff game with upcoming college football bowl games:

  • Non-BCS bowl games: $1,000 Pickoff Cash for each correct pick (incorrect pick loses 50% of that).
  • The four BCS bowl games (Orange, Fiesta, Sugar, Rose): $2,500 Pickoff Cash for each correct pick (incorrect pick loses 50% of that).
  • The national championship bowl game: $5,000 Pickoff Cash for a correct pick (incorrect pick loses 50% of that).

Did you know? Here are just some of the previously deployed new features since last Dev update:

  • Friend Leaderboard Widget for 30-Day Winnings, on front page.
  • Refreshed design and sound effects.
  • Daily results email notification.
  • Improvements to daily bonus.
  • Lose Pickoff cash after an incorrect Pick – skin in the game!
  • Various bug fixes.

As always, if you have any suggestions, desires we can fulfill, or feedback please drop us a line. Thank you for playing Pickoff!

Kris Hunt – Pickoff Kickoff College Football Champ!

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, via Wikimedia Commons

Kris wins an iPad Mini for winning the most Pickoff Cash from picks and challenges this college football season.  Nicely done, Kris!

Close on his tail were second place Byron Noe, who wins an $80 Amazon Gift Card, and Jeff McConnell, whose third place finish brings him a $50 Amazon gift card.

Huzzah and well-done Hunt, Noe and McConnell!


This Week’s Pickoff Kickoff College Football Winner is . . .

We’re kicking Cody Young a $25 Amazon gift card for winning more Pickoff Cash in this

Library of Congress

week’s Pickoff Kickoff College Football Challenge!

This week is your LAST CHANCE to move into the top 3 in the seasonlong challenge, with an iPad Mini going to the winner and the next two winning nice Amazon gift cards.

The best way to win? Challenge your friends to some large value Pickoff Cash games!

Update: Top 10 NFL Pickoff Cash Leaders

Kris Hunt is flying solo on top of the leaderboard!

San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives

Kris has a sizable lead going into Week 11, thanks to some sizable challenge wins against his Facebook friends.

There wasn’t much change at the top of this week’s snapshot of the seasonlong Pickoff NFL Challenge, although Michael Sparks dropped a couple spots, which is key because only the TOP 3 finishers win prizes!

The top 3 winners with the most Pickoff Cash take home some nice prizes: 1st place gets an iPad mini, 2d gets an $80 Amazon gift card, and 3d wins a $50 Amazon gift card.

 The best way to make it to the  winner’s circle?  Challenge your Facebook friend for larger amounts of Pickoff Cash.  $5,000 in Pickoff Cash is common, and we’ve seen much much higher numbers.
Now, can you make some challenges and move up the leaderboard?

                                         Pickoff            Change from
Position                            Cash               Last Week
1    Kris Hunt                    48,875             Same
2    Byron Noe                  38,875             Same
3    Shane Bass               37,000             +1
4    Jerry Schulze             35,500             +1
5    Michael Sparks          35,377             -2
6    Louie Gallardo            35,125             Same
7    Scott Madore              35,000             Same
8    Norman Szymanski   34,125             +2
9    Jeff McConnell           33,500             Same
10  Lou Monaco               33,125             +1

This Week’s College Football Top 10

Courtesy of Library of Congress

We have a new leader on top of the Pickoff College Football Challenge seasonlong contest.

Kris Hunt stands alone after a great weekend, moving up two spots to take the lead over last week’s top 2, Louie Gallardo and Jeff McConnell.

Another great weekend coming up – time to get your picks in.

The person with the most Pickoff Cash at the end of the season takes home an iPad mini, with nice prizes for 2d and 3d.

The Pickoff CFB Top 10:

1 Kris Hunt
2 Louie Gallardo
3 Jeff McConnell
4 Jerry Schulze
5 Byron Noe
6 Norman Szymanski
7 Lou Monaco
8 Shane Bass
9 Chia Walter
10 Danny Owens


The Hunt is on!

Kris Hunt made the big kill in this weekend’s Pickoff College Football Challenge, winning more Pickoff Cash from picks – and some key challenges – than anyone.

And for that he pulls in a cool $25 Amazon gift card!

Don’t forget about the Pickoff Challenges in NFL, NBA, and NCAA hoop!

You can make your picks . . . right here!


Announcing Pickoff College Basketball Challenge: Involve your Friends and Win Prizes!

Yes, it’s a new college basketball season, but no, that does not mean that Kentucky is a shoe-in for yet another championship – Ohio State and Indiana and Louisville and Kansas and Ohio State will have something to say about that.  Not to mention this year’s VCU or Butler!

We couldn’t be more excited to get the season underway, and to make sure you share our excitement we’re announcing another challenge where you can win real prizes just for making smart picks and challenges!

The top 3 winners of the 2012-2013 season will win gift cards!

Want to play to win? Here are some pro-tips:

Tip 1: Pick every game every week.

Your goal is to earn the most Pickoff Cash you can cumulatively over the 2012-2013 college basketball season.

Be sure to make a pick in every game we offer.  You win $500 from the Pickoff “house” for each correct pick.

Make your picks here:

Tip 2: Go big (and win big) by “challenging” your friends with larger amounts of Pickoff Cash.

Make your pick – and then click “challenge” – to win even more Pickoff Cash against your friends.

You choose the amount of Pickoff Cash to put on the line for each challenge – up to the amount you and your friend have in your accounts.

When your friends accept your challenges, the game is on!

The person who makes the correct pick in a Challenge earns all the Pickoff Cash for that challenge. The more Pickoff Cash you put on the line, the greater the potential payoff if you pick right (and lose if you pick wrong)!

Tip 3: Invite your Facebook friends to play.

To win a prize in the contest, you must have at least two Facebook friends playing Pickoff. Get your friends involved!

And the more friends who play, the more people you can challenge in the game.

Tip 4: See where you’re ranked each day. 

We’ve created a special College Basketball 2012-2013 leaderboard so you can see your results in the game. Just click to the full Leaderboard in the game, and then click ”College  Basketball 2012-2013″ to see how you’re doing.

Tip 5: Win the prizes.

The top winner for the entire 2012-2013 season will win a $100 gift card; second place will win a $50 gift card; and third place will win a $25 gift card.

Tip 6: Who can win?

Each entrant must have two Facebook friends also playing the Pickoff game. (So invite a few friends!)

Entrants must be eighteen (18) years age or older by the contest closing date and be a legal resident of the 50 United States, or the District of Columbia.

The staff, volunteers, and contractors of Pickoff LLC and their immediate families can play the game, but are NOT eligible to win prizes in this contest.

See full contest rules here:

The competition begins now. The first games are this week, starting November 9.  Get started making your picks right here:

And stick around – who knows what team will rise up to become the champion – and which Pickoff player will be savvy enough to make the right calls!